Fox Traffic Simulation





There are many different traffic models available for analysing and assessing the performance of a road traffic network and developing new management and control systems. Guiding principles in choosing the modelling tool for the job are:

  • the appropriateness of the modelling tool taking into account the scope of the task;
  • the needs of the stakeholders;
  • and the resources available.

There is no single model or methodolgy that is best for all studies. Fox Traffic Simulation has considerable experience in using a wide range of traffic models and can both recommend the most appropriate modelling tools and make best use of and adapt and improve any existing models. An integrated approach using a variety of modelling approaches often proves to be most effective.


Tools used

  • Traffic assignment
    • SATURN
    • Aimsun Macro
  • Micro-simulation
    • Aimsun Micro
    • VISSIM
    • Paramics
  • Meso-simulation
    • Aimsun Meso
  • Urban traffic management
    • SCOOT
  • Traffic demand
    • TEMPRO
    • TRICS


Fox Traffic Simulation can also audit traffic models produced by others to ensure that they have been developed according to modelling guidelines, have been validated and calibrated correctly and are fit for purpose.